Oh Bollocks!

As we were doing our bonnet different from RH's we decided to fit the side panels so we knew how much clearance we would need when we fit the fixed part of our bonnet. The instructions of Tricky's seemed to be OK and all went well to start with.
It was only when we got to fitting the fastners at the top, near the upright dashboard chassis member that we started to worry.
There was a gap of about 10mm, but I made the mistake of watching the video and thinking all was right and this would cause the unique shape of a 2B! Well I think ours has a unique shape to it now.
Mind you after talking to Andy Hamilton about our problem, when he finished laughing he said he had picked up another side panel for a friend who had a "unique " shape on his 2B as well.
For goodness sake when you do decide to do your side panels look around the internet first then you will save yourself a 75 bill for a new panel ( No wonder Trickys a wealthy man, and I'm not ).
It looks really bad as I'm sure you will agree but it just seems to jump out at you one minute you have a lovely straight panel, then you have a freshly ploughed field!
I wonder if it will look any better when we take the plastic off ?
Just remember "Pack out any gap and you will be laughing (At us probably).

Look at this ! Its Unique